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The priest takes the right hands of the bride and groom and joins them. The bride and groom hold hand for the rest of the service.

Since the bride and groom are part of the “royal family” of God, they are crowned king and queen of their family. Traditionally, lemon blossoms or other flowers are wound through the crowns. Today, many crowns are often made of silver or gold. The Best Man exchanges the crowns three times.

The bride and groom share a cup of wine as a sign of unity with each other and with Christ. The priest then leads the couple in a procession three times around the altar to symbolize the couple walking through life led by the Word of God.

The ceremony is concluded as the priest removes the crowns and recites a blessing. 

During the Greek Wedding Reception, the guests do the lively “Kalamatianós Dance.” During this popular Greek folk dance, dancers hold hands and dance in a circle.  The lead dancer holds the second dancer by a handkerchief, this allowing him or her to do more fancy steps and acrobatics. 

Who hasn’t seen a movie where somebody is smashing plates at a Greek wedding? There are many interpretations of this custom including: a demonstration of abundance or an expression of overwhelming joy. 

The bride carriers a lump of sugar in her glove for a sweet life.

As they leave, all guests get almond candies covered in white chocolate called “bom bom yara.” There is always an odd number of candies in each package.

Greek Wedding Receptions

There are so many rich and meaningful traditions associated with a Greek wedding First, let’s start with the two basic parts of the Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony and then general Greek wedding traditions.

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During each of the following steps in the wedding ceremony, the priest recites special blessings for the bride and groom and their marriage. The priest stands in front of the Royal Doors facing the bride on the left and the groom on the right.  He asks God to set an unbreakable bond upon the Couple. He recites a blessing of peace, oneness of mind, and a spirit of truth and love. 

He places the wedding rings on the fourth finger of the bride’s and groom’s hands.
The koumbaros (the Best Man) takes the rings and exchanges them, over and under, on the same fingers, three times. The wedding rings have a braided design to symbolize the uniting of spirits between the bride and groom.