Wedding Crafts

\Make Your Own  Wedding Invitations
Step by step instructions on making your own wedding invitations as well as source for free wedding invitation templates.

Wedding Decorations Easy!

A variety of easy wedding crafts that anyone can do
Easy Wedding 
Favors to Make

Fast and easy wedding favors
 Wedding Gifts

Can't afford to buy a wedding gift? Make one! 
Reuse Leftover Wedding Decorations
Great ideas to upscale or recycle your wedding decorations and even your wedding dress! 
free wedding invitation templates
homemade tissue paper flowers
homemade wedding favors
diy wedding present
decorate with lleftover wedding decorations
Make  Wedding Centerpieces

Tons of ideas to create your own wedding centerpieces
How to Do  Wedding Flowers

How to find inexpensive sources for wedding flowers
make wedding bouquet

Cheap and Easy Wedding Crafts

Below are links to easy crafts for everything from wedding invitations to wedding favors. You don't have to have special crafting skills or experience for most of these projects.
cheap wedding tips
diy wedding crafts
wedding crafts to make
DIY Moroccan Lantern

diy morrocan lantern
cheap wedding tips and ideas
cheap wedding tips and ideas
cheap wedding tips and ideas